Career Coaching

We will devise a specific coaching plan that recognizes your unique strengths and special needs. 

Cover Letters

We craft cover letters that will draw an employer in and make them want to read your resume. Our format provides an engaging first point of interaction to entice hiring managers to schedule interviews.


We love a clean look, so we take the time to format both your cover letter and resume in one consistent style.

Networking Guidance

It is no secret that many jobs and internships come through personal connections; without a strong focus on networking, your career cannot reach its full potential. We can teach you how to strengthen your network and make it an ongoing part of your professional life.


We will help you learn how to develop successful relationships with people who can help you get hired and grow your career. You will build a strong foundation of personal, professional, academic, and family contacts who can teach you about your area of interest and help you discover new oppprtunities.


Sure, networking can feel tricky, even awkward at times, but we know how to navigate it. With the right approach, utilizing your network can play a major role in your career growth.


One more bonus: many talented professionals have worked with Emily Weiss Consulting, so when you join our network, you will benefit from those connections too. 

Application Navigation

We can help you construct and proofread your job applications. As former recruiters, we are well-versed in this kind of material, so we know how to tackle difficult questions, especially regarding compensation.


We will help you develop your own unique brand to promote your special qualifications and set you apart from every other candidate.

Interview Coaching

No one gets anywhere without proper preparation. We will provide detailed instruction on the steps of an interview and give you the tools you need to approach yours with confidence. We will guide you through the important step of researching potential employers and their management teams. We will also show you examples of typical questions and explain how answers are normally evaluated. We are well-versed in all standard and non-standard interview methods used by a variety of organizations. We offer mock interviewing, role-plays, and other key techniques to ensure your success.

Communication Skills Coaching 

We will provide detailed instruction on how to communicate effectively in face-to-face meetings, on the phone, or by video. 

Career Fair Navigation

Improve your job search options by attending career fairs armed with the necessary tools to maximize opportunities. Emily Weiss Consulting will guide you in your research of the employers in attendance, and we will help gear your resume toward organizations that interest you. Our team will coach you on how to introduce yourself, highlight your strengths, and demonstrate your knowledge of the company. We will help you construct your story and deliver it with passion, no matter what career you are interested in pursuing.


Our resumes do more than summarize your skills and experience. They are designed to target the job you want, and we can portray your abilities and accomplishments in ways that will capture the attention of a hiring manager.


With our extensive background in recruiting, we understand the importance of impressing prospective employers by showing an edge over the competition. We speak the language of hiring managers and provide the information they need to spark their interest in your background.


Within a 10-second read of your resume, they will be able to understand both your skill set and your mindset. We aim to craft a resume that will ensure an interview for the job you want.


Companies receive hundreds of resumes, but Emily Weiss Consulting can create a marketing masterpiece that reflects your capabilities and stands out from the rest.

LinkedIn Profiles

A strong LinkedIn profile is increasingly important in today’s job market. Similar to your resume or cover letter, your LinkedIn profile should instantly show who you are and what you bring to the table. From choosing the right photo to writing the strongest description of your awards, we can help. In addition, we can teach you how to use LinkedIn as a networking and job search tool.  

Elevator Pitches

It is important to have a strong answer to that dreaded, “Tell me about yourself.” This is your elevator pitch, and in the case of an interview, it is the most critical part of your personal presentation. We can help you prepare a confident short story to engage anyone who listens to it. A strong response to this question will not only be useful for interviews, but it will also come in handy throughout your life.

Start To Finish

Our services can be provided a la carte or in any combination that fits your circumstances. We will stay with you every step of the way for as long as you like. Once you attain your dream position, we can offer advice on how to keep that position and how to plan for the next steps in your career. We can also help you work through any issues that may arise once you are employed.